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Integrated Sensing Systems (ISS) headquarters in Ypsilanti, MI. ISS produces density meters, density measuring instruments, and density sensors for both liquid and gas for a variety of industries.


The mission of Integrated Sensing Systems, (ISS) is to deliver a high accuracy and repeatable density measurement device that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

“Integrated sensing systems has dedicated itself to improving the world, one small measurement at a time, by commercializing the tremendous potential of MEMS in both industrial and life science applications.”


Founders Dr. Nader Najafi, Dr. Ken Wise, and Dr. Khalil Najafi established Integrated Sensing Systems in January 1995 to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative products based on high performance microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Initially the company transferred over 20 years of R&D from the University of Michigan through exclusively licensing 6 patents. Over the years Integrated Sensing Systems has developed a deep base of intellectual properties in order to design and manufacture cutting-edge products based on MEMS technology. Currently the company’s IP includes over 50 issued patents and several more pending patents. There is a great deal of know-how and trade secrets that goes into the fluidic product line with MEMS inside. The Integrated Sensing Systems fluidic product offering includes:

  • In line, real-time fluidic density meters and density sensors for both gases and liquids
  • Embedded sensors for measuring density of gases and liquids: methanol concentration, sugar concentration, and other binary concentration measurement
  • Analytical and laboratory instruments
  • System level solutions

Coriolis Technology

The Integrated Sensing Systems fluidic products are based on coriolis technology that is miniaturized to a micro level. The vibrational resonance of the sensing tube is used to measure the density of the fluid in the sensor. The sensing tube is made from silicon. Silicon is an ideal material to fabricate the sensing tube since silicon is lighter, stronger, and has a greater thermal conductivity. The Integrated Sensing Systems microCoriolis sensor is a core technology used in all fluidic products.

The Integrated Sensing Systems product advantage:

  • High accuracy & precision
  • Small footprint reduces cost & installation requirements
  • Real-time response
  • Not impacted by environmental vibration

This sensor is fabricated using the combination of high volume silicon manufacturing technology and traditional Coriolis sensor design principles. Integrated Sensing Systems produces these sensors using an in-house state of the art MEMS fabrication facility. Integrated Sensing System has a Class 100 state of the art Clean Room for MEMS manufacturing.

The company also has an on-premise manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Registered FM 82840 and ISO 13485: 2003 Registered FM 570652.






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