Integrated Sensing Systems designs and manufactures a variety of gas and liquid density instruments and sensors for measuring density, viscosity, temperature, concentration, and specific gravity.

The measuring principle is based on a core technology using the well-known Coriolis effect. A resonating silicon tube is the heart of the sensor. which has been miniaturized into a microCoriolis device, utilizing patented ISS Fluidic MEMS technology. These instruments and solutions all have MEMS inside.

A density meter that offers the features of an analytical device but rugged enough for process applications.

The result is a very accurate measurement with high performance in a very small package.

Gas, Liquid Density Meers
Gas, Liquid Density Meters
Gas, Liquid Density Meters
Gas, Liquid Density Meters


Measurement Capabilities:

Gas Density

MassSense® Gas Density Meter (GDM) is a measuring device for gas density, concentration, and specific gravity. The GDM sets a new standard in gas density measurement for accuracy and repeatability.


Liquid Density

MassSense® Liquid Density Meter (LDM) is designed for continuous measurement and can be mounted with a bypass line as part of the process. Real time, in line liquid density measurement is made possible with the LDM small footprint, light weight construction and immunity to environmental vibrations.

Mobile Density Meter or MDM150 provides a high performance, cost-effective instrument for monitoring the density of numerous liquid applications, including BRIX during the wine making and beer production processes.

The Micro Liquid Density Sensor (LDS) can measure BRIX, °Plato, specific gravity, concentration, temperature and density. The LDS can directly measure fluid viscosity in addition to density and temperature.


Methanol Concentration 

The Micro MCS is a measuring device used to measure the methanol concentration in water.



MassSense® LDM and Micro LDS are devices which measure dynamic viscosity of 0-50cP with a resolution of 0.1 cP.