Mobile Density Meters for Brewers

BeerSense™ is an easy, innovative new way to measure beer density during the fermentation process that is durable, accurate, effortless and affordable!

The MDM provides extremely fast and reliable measurement and portability for your beer production.

The MDM provides extremely fast and reliable measurement and portable measurement of beer.

Using the Integrated Sensing Systems (ISS) patented MicroCoriolis sensor, BeerSense™ combines density and temperature to reliable measure Plato/Specific Gravity during fermentation. It brings lab accuracy density measurement to the production floor, with the durability to survive even the harshest brewery environments.

Our density monitors are used at breweries worldwide to measure Plato, specific gravity and ABV of beer throughout the production process ensuring reliable and consistent product quality from batch to batch. There’s no rinsing between multiple beer samples, and only BeerSense™ technology is immune to yeast and CO2 bubbles.

ISS is a recognized leader of gas and liquid density instruments and sensors for industries from health care to defense, and the same award-winning technology trusted to measure jet fuel measures your beer.

ISS puts the power of microfluidic density measurement into the hands of brewers of all sizes — at an afforable price!

The benefits of the BeerSense™ density meter include:

  • Freeing up labor used currently to monitor the brewing process
  • Increasing the information available to the brewer to maintain product quality
  • Greatly reducing the amount of time required to measure density compared to traditional methods

Our alcohol density measurement functionality is available in the ISS Mobile Density Meter (MDM).

BeerSense Advantages

  • Accurate SG, Plato and ABV measurements
  • Sensor optimized for operation with gas bubbles
  • Reduce labor to monitor fermentation
  • Improved density measurement reliability

MDM Highlights

  • Extremely fast measurement, reducing the chore of daily density measurements to a fraction of the time
  • Rugged, portable design withstands the abuses found in a brewery environment
  • The sensor is factory calibrated for months of stable operation, with easy, free recalibration
  • Samples are injected into the MDM150 using standard Luer syringes.