In Line Meters

Integrated Sensing Systems offers In Line Density Meters: The MassSense® Liquid Density Meter (LDM) and the MassSense® Gas Density Meter (GDM) These meters are designed to deliver fast response times and uncompromising accuracy for manufacturing automation.

The principal of operation is based on coriolis effect however, the resonating sensing tube takes advantage of MEMS technology. These devices have MEMS inside. The result is a very accurate density measurement for performance in a very small package.

Advantages of MassSense® Density Meter

  • Immune to environmental vibrations because of high resonating frequency
  • Silicon sensing tube which increases measuring performance
  • Small footprint for easy installation
  • Continuous, real time measurement
  • Hazardous approvals
  • IP67 versions available

GDM: Density Measurement for Gases

The GDM sets a new standard in gas density measurement for accuracy and repeatability. The extremely small silicon resonating structure is very light.  A small change in gas density due to composition or pressure changes can easily be detected, even at atmospheric pressure. Hydrogen concentration measurement can be measured using gas density. Also SF6, forming gas, and welding cover gases are examples of applications for gas density measurement. The density of hydrogen, methane and other gases can be monitored over a range of 0 to 300 PSI and – 20 to 60°C. Since many of these gases are very combustible the GDM is available with hazardous location approvals.

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GDM Quick Specs

LDM: Density Measurement for Liquids

The LDM is designed for continuous measurement and can be mounted with a bypass line as part of the process. Real time, in line liquid density measurement is made possible with the LDM small footprint, light weight construction and immunity to environmental vibrations. The LDM can be used to measure liquid density for accurate composition measurements over changing process temperatures. It is used to measure the density of a wide variety of fuels, petroleum, chemicals, beverages and other fluids. It has been designed with safety in mind and carries approvals for hazardous locations and IP67 ratings. The LDM is available with a display for local readout and also without a display.

If you are interested in pricing, please contact [email protected] with the product and quantity, and someone will respond to your inquiry promptly.

LDM Quick Specs

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