Quick, accurate, repeatable density measurement for quality monitoring

in the lab or part of the process.

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Density measurement technology from Integrated Sensing Systems provides beverage makers with the option of performing density measurements in the lab or in the process for quality monitoring. Only a small sample is required for making the measurement. Yeast and dissolved CO2 in the sample will not affect the measurement.  At the heart of the instruments is a patented, innovative MEMS vibrating density sensor that is immune to the effect of gas bubbles. This assures accurate and consistent measurements.  Results are displayed for easy viewing by the user.


Alcohol Content Analyzer with the built in distiller and small footprint makes alcohol content measuring affordable
MDM 150 for portable sampling from the lab through the process. Easy to use, rugged design that provides digital density measurement that won’t break the budget
Self Sampling for an in line automatic sampling system that provides data for recipe profiling and improves tank turnover time

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