Quick, accurate, repeatable density measurement for quality monitoring

in the lab or part of the process.

Water quality monitoring


  • Water Quality
  • Filtration
  • Salt Concentration

Density measurement technology from Integrated Sensing Systems provides the environmental industry with the option of performing density measurements in the lab or in the process. Only a small sample is required for making the measurement.

At the heart of the instruments is a patented, innovative MEMS vibrating density sensor that is immune to environmental vibrations which make it a very flexible Coriolis measuring device. This assures accurate and consistent measurements regardless of the location.


In line or bench top density meter for water quality monitoring
Mobile density meter for water quality monitoring

MassSense LDM is a liquid density meter that is available for bench top or in line installations. This density meter offers the precision of an analytical instrument that is made for process.
MDM 100 is designed for portable sampling applications from the lab through the process. Easy to use, rugged design that provides digital density measurement that is affordable and portable.